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Een tevreden lach Andreas Burnier

Een tevreden lach

Andreas Burnier

Published 1979
ISBN : 9789021430416
169 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

beautifull time capsule from the sixties in amsterdam and paris. the protagonist is a female student experimenting with gender during her studies in amsterdam. some hilarious situations are described. later on the place of action is paris where she stays in an apartment of a friend of her named rainer (rilke?). the gender question alters in a question for hetero or homosexuality and the latter wins. in the end we see her living with her female partner in comfortable situation dreaming of working in a coalmine as a man. so back to the gender question again. the story is abouth subjects not talked abouth at the time of writing so it was ahead of her time and written on a pleasant almost lucid style. allthough i dont think this book is or will be translated it is a rewarding read for a dutchie. mainly because of its lucidity in combination with sharp observationts.