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Kaleidoscope Eyes (Family Honor #2) Karen  Ball

Kaleidoscope Eyes (Family Honor #2)

Karen Ball

Published April 5th 2006
ISBN : 9781590524145
380 pages
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 About the Book 

While this was the second of the Family Honor Series, I did not know that when I picked it up. I could tell that there was a history between the characters, but not enough to keep me from keeping up the pace with the story.This is the story of Annie Justice. Her passions are her art, her work her dog Kodi as a search and rescue team, her family, and her faith...not necessarily in that order. Her life is constantly affected by her condition known as synesthesia which allows her to see numbers and letters in colors. She can also see colors around people that often reveals their true character when based upon actions and words may be deceiving.The story is a light, easy read and has all the elements you could ask for. There is mystery and betrayal, deception and danger, love and faith. Some parts of the story made me laugh out loud and some made my heart pound with anxiety. In some ways, the story line was predictable, but there was enough drawn out drama that made me wait for what I knew was about to happen sooner or later. This was a warm and well-written story that kept me engaged and entertained, and I learned a great deal about those wonderful search and rescue teams.