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Jamie Roberts and the Puzzle of Darkness Michael  Smith

Jamie Roberts and the Puzzle of Darkness

Michael Smith

Published February 1st 2008
ISBN : 9781425141738
140 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jamie Roberts is sixteen years old, orphaned and has never known his family. He lives in Manron, the city most affected by the dominant and tyrannical Empire, led by Lord Sankment.Lord Sankment is the most powerful wizard in history. Through the Empire, he controls every detail of everybodys life. Those who stand against it are killed instantly, no questions asked.Jamie is unhappy, lonely but ordinary, except that he experiences premonitions. When hes brutally kidnapped, his life is changed forever as he is plunged into a perilous new world of magic, destiny and above all, enormous power.Suddenly Jamie finds himself at the centre of a power struggle that will determine the fate of the world. With the Empire nearing total unopposed control of Orphelia, he must quickly rise to the new responsibilities placed on his shoulders.With only a small group of wizards to protect him, Jamie is sent to retrieve the Tidal Stone, a stone of such enormous power that if Lord Sankment were to get it, he would be able to end all resistance forever.Can Jamie follow in the footsteps of his legendary family? Orphelias fate lies in his hands.Join Jamie as he learns of a legendary organisation, faces up to his fears and comes face to face with a wizard so powerful, nasty and calculating, death appears to be the only possible outcome.Packed full of excitement whilst moving the heart and soul, Jamie Roberts and the Puzzle of Darkness is an exhilarating read thats impossible to put down.